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LA City Councilman John Lee Opens Up About Leading Council District 12 | 12.21.2019

Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee appeared on “Unedited with Carney Shegerian” to talk about what it’s like leading Council District 12.


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New Employment Laws Of 2020: DFEH Director Kevin Kish Weighs In | 11.16.2019

Kevin Kish, the director of California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, appeared on “Unedited with Carney Shegerian” and discussed employment and housing laws slated to take effect in 2020.


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LA City Attorney Mike Feuer Opens Up About Leading One of the Nation’s Top Municipal Offices | 11.2.2019

Los Angeles’ City Attorney Mike Feuer appeared on “Unedited with Carney Shegerian” for a special sit-down interview to discuss his office’s efforts to tackle gun protection laws and key consumer issues.


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Judge Patricia DiMango Opens Up About What It’s Like To Co-Star On KCAL9’s “Hot Bench” | 10.19.2019

Judge Patricia DiMango talks about what it’s like to co-star on the hit, syndicated show, “Hot Bench.”


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Emmy Award Winning Journalist-Turned-Actor Kent Shocknek Talks About Life After News | 10.04.2019

Emmy-winning journalist Kent Shocknek, a household name and recognizable face, appeared on “Unedited With Carney Shegerian” to talk about what life has been like after news.


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LA County D.A. Jackie Lacey Speaks Publicly For First Time About The Death Penalty | 09.21.2019

The Hon. Jackie Lacey, the Los Angeles County District Attorney, appeared on “Unedited with Carney Shegerian” to talk about what it’s like to lead the largest local prosecutorial office in the nation.


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Tackling The Homeless Crisis In Southern California: Mayor Terry Tornek of Pasadena Weighs In | 09.06.2019

Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek alongside Shawn Morrissey of Union Station Homeless Services appeared on “Unedited with Carney Shegerian” to tackle the homeless crisis in Southern California.


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CBS’ Judge Alex Ferrer, Host of “Whistleblower”, Breaks Down Legal Principles | 08.31.2019

CBS’ Judge Alex Ferrer, host of “Whistleblower,” appeared on “Unedited with Carney Shegerian,” to break down legal principles that are oftentimes misunderstood.


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The Brian Banks Story: Justin Brooks, Director of the California Innocence Project, Talks About Release Of Film | 08.03.2019

Justin Brooks, the director of the California Innocence Project, appeared on Unedited with Carney Shegerian, to talk about the Brian Banks case, which has since been turned into a film.


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Ridgecrest Quakes & Aftermath: Police Chief Jed McLaughlin Weighs In On Community’s Strides To Rebuild | 07.27.2019

Ridgecrest’s Police Chief Jed McLaughlin appeared on Unedited with Carney Shegerian to talk about the recent quakes, and his community’s efforts to rebuild.